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5 Tracks – Punk, Hardcore, Rock.
Hailing from South Side Chicago, Affections Else is a 4-piece (and at one time a 5-piece featuring Chris Krum on guitar) hardcore band formed in the Summer of 2004.

After a month of being formed, they recorded the Coroner’s Monologue EP, the band won as the sole selected local band to perform in the Chicago Taste of Chaos stop, opening for such bands as Senses Fail, Killswitch Engage, and My Chemical Romance.

Sadly, Affections Else is on the verge of breaking up, as members are going their different ways. Bass player Beau Doran can be found on the link below for info on his new band.

Band Members:

Brad Melody – Vocals

Derrick Steibig – Guitar, Vocals

Erik Milan – Drums, Vocals

Beau Doran – Bass

Chris Mulki – Guitar

Affections Else wants to record, perform and tour like its going out of style. To sum up their work ethic: they know they can never stop working. It will be a constant struggle to get where they want to be, which is at the top. A struggle that they know they cannot and will not give up on. Read more on

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