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Band Name: Anti-Nowhere League

Music Album: The Best Of / Live Animals

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Recall 2cd

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 34 Tracks CD

English hardcore punk band formed in 1980, disbanded in 1989 and still active since the 1992 comeback.

Line up before 1992 comeback:
Vocals: Animal (6) (Nick Culmer)
Guitar: Magoo (10) (Chris Exall)
Guitar: Mark Gilham
Drums: Tony "Bones" Shaw then Hopper then Persian John P.J. (6) (Djahanshah Aghssa) then Michael Bettell
Bass: Chris Elvey then Winston (2) (Clive Blake)

34 Tracks
The Best Of The Anti Nowhere League
1-1 Streets Of London3:16
1-2 I Hate People2:23
1-3 We Are The League2:40
1-4 Let's Break The Law3:09
1-5 Animal2:41
1-6 Woman3:00
1-7 Rocker2:30
1-8 For You3:06
1-9 Ballad Of JJ Decay5:17
1-10 Out On The Wasteland3:30
1-11 We Will Survive3:06
1-12 Queen And Country3:54
1-13 On The Waterfront5:40
1-14 Let The Country Feed You (Live)2:49
1-15 Going Down (Live)3:54
1-16 Snowman (Live)3:00
1-17 So What (Live)2:51
Live Animals
2-1 Animal (Live)2:57
2-2 Let's Break The Law (Live)3:06
2-3 Streets Of London (Live)3:04
2-4 For You (Live)3:16
2-5 Can't Stand Rock N Roll (Live)2:13
2-6 We Will Survive (Live)3:00
2-7 Going Down (Live)3:52
2-8 Let The Country Feed You (Live)2:47
2-9 Queen And Country (Live)4:01
2-10 Johannesburg (Live)3:45
2-11 Crime (Live)3:58
2-12 Branded (Live)3:23
2-13 Something Else (Live)2:08
2-14 On The Waterfront (Live)4:38
2-15 So What (Live)2:59
2-16 Snowman (Live)2:31
2-17 Fuck Around The Clock2:31

Disc One:
All tracks published by Head Music (Leosong) except track 1, published by Essex Music Ltd.
This album features the group's first four singles, selected tracks from "Anti-Nowhere League - We Are...The League" and four tracks from "The Anti-Nowhere League* - Live In Yugoslavia". "Out On The Wasteland" and "We Will Survive" were featured on their 12-inch single The Anti-Nowhere League* - Out On The Wasteland of 1985. "Queen And Country" and "On The Waterfront" are representatives of the group's 1987 album "The Anti Nowhere League* - The Perfect Crime".
This CD collection was originally issued on Dojo Records in 1991

Disc Two:
All tracks published by Head Music (Leosongs) except track 3, published by Westminster Music Ltd, track 13, published by EMI Unite Parnerships and track 17, published by Edward Kasser Music
Track 1: Live at The Lyceum 1981.
Tracks 2-8: Live in Yugoslavia 1983.
Track 9-14: Live and loud at Tunbridge Wells 1989.
Tracks 15-17: Live at Tunbridge Wells 1989.

℗ 2001 Snapper Music
© 2001 Snapper Music
All tracks issued under license from Link Music Ltd.

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