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Band Name: Anyway (2)

Music Album: Golf Club

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Rock & Roll Emo Garage Rock

Record Label: Day After Records

Album Release Country: Czech Republic

Music Record Type: 14 Tracks CD Album

Czech band from Melnik.

14 Tracks
1 The Motion Picture From Heaven4:00
2 Homeboy2:33
3 Air Of Suffering5:38
4 Enemy2:10
5 G*reat O*bsession L*eaks F*riendship3:41
6 Killing The Sunrise2:33
7 Useless4:06
8 Model Crap4:20
9 I Know You Can't Be Cool3:01
10 How3:23
11 Space Game3:24
12 Mama4:21
13 Watergates1:46
14 New Year's Song2:43

Bonus tracks:

11 & 12: taken from a 7" released under The Moniker Anyway Recordings, 2000 (1st Anyway release)

13 & 14: taken from a split 7" with Point released under Silver Rocket Records, 2000 (2nd release)

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