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Band Name: Apteka

Music Album: Narkotyki

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock Psychedelic Rock Experimental

Record Label: Solid Blow

Album Release Country: Poland

Music Record Type: 12 Tracks CD Album

In 1983, Apteka Band was founded by Jedrzej Kodymowski and Maciej Blasiak. Since then, they have been actively representing 3City alternative scene. They are living legends of independend music scene. Always all-or-nothing, cynical, honest, loud, mad and bold. Always going upstream. Always on their own terms. Apteka is a band which started renowned 3City music revolution. When the copycats tried to find publicity, band went their own way. They made punk music, psychodelic rock music and music to which you can dance. Dance, because Apteka not only make music like in last, great album „Od pacyfizmu do ludobójstwa” (2012), but also frivolous music to entertain like in album „Narkotyki” (1992), „Urojonecałemiasta” (1993) &„Menda” (1995).

12 Tracks
1 Wiesz3:25
2 Szybki I Witraże3:05
3 Synteza (English Version)5:20
4 Lucky Sniff (Psycho Dub Mix)4:20
5 Freedom2:35
6 Jezuuu...4:10
7 H.B. Show3:36
8 Is This White Line?3:02
9 War3:20
10 Puma (Flower In My Hand)5:30
11 Red Light (Scream-Dance Mix)5:15
12 Dziewczyny1:00

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