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Dead Kennedys

Bad Brains – Pay To Cum! (1980) Vinyl Album 7″

Band: Bad Brains

Album: Pay To Cum!

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Bad Brain Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 2 Tracks Vinyl Album 7"

American Hardcore Punk band formed in Washington, D.C. in 1977, initially as a jazz fusion ensemble called Mind Power.
The band also do many reggae and dub tracks and featured elements from funk, heavy metal or hip hop.

Classic line-up:
H.R. (Paul D. Hudson) β€” lead vocals (1978–1987, 1989–1990, 1994–1995, 1998–present), guitar (1977–1978)
Dr. Know (Gary Miller (4)) β€” guitar (1977–1995, 1998–present)
Darryl Jenifer β€” bass (1977–1995, 1998–present)
Earl Hudson β€” drums, percussion (1977–1987, 1989–1990, 1994–1995, 1998–present)

The original line up broke up many times and some musicians replaced H.R. and Earl Hudson:
Sid McCray β€” lead vocals (1977–1978)
Taj Singleton β€” lead v (...)

2 Tracks
A Side
A Pay To Cum1:33
Side 1
B Stay Close To Me2:29

Β© 1979 Bad Brains
Manufactured by Presswell, N.J.
Side A: Bad Brain Records 1980
Side B: Peer Int 1980

Recorded December 1979 at Dots Studio, New York, N.Y.
Mastered at Masterdisk Corp, N.Y., N.Y.

Different duration on insert for Side B: 2:24

Pictures sleeves and inserts were printed on both tan and white paper stock. Both versions were printed in the same "after hours" session by a friend of the band at Howard University.

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