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Bloggin Rotten’s Spotlight on independence (Part 14) Back From The Dead Records (Newbury, Berkshire,UK)

● What/who inspired you into setting up a record label?

Hey, cheers for taking an interest in ‘Back From The Dead’ it’s much appreciated.  I’ve run a couple of DIY labels in the past (Far Q, Allcore), a few years had passed, I just felt like it was time to get back in the game to help some rad bands out and cause I obviously hate having time or any money…

● What’s been your highlights as a label to date?

Everything has been awesome so far.  Every time a new release comes back from press it’s so exciting to open the box and check the release out.  That’s a real buzz right there. Also when you drop a band a line and they are up for working with you, that’s awesome.  We’ve been lucky to work with some amazing bands so far, long may it continue.

● How have you managed to keep a record label running in an age of easy access digital streaming?
We’re a relatively new label and to be honest we’re not massively into the streaming stuff.  It’s DIY, it’s punk rock. We have the releases on Bandcamp, as for platforms like Spotify, we don’t use stuff like that.  Maybe we need to adapt in the current age, but that’ll take time and we’d much rather be at a punk rock show or listening to some sweet bands.

● Any funny stories you can tell the readers about your label, or the bands you have put out?
Awww man, sadly there’s nothing at all.  We’ve only been a label for a couple of years now and I’d like to say it’s all been smooth sailing, of course it hasn’t.  Some releases have had issues when back from the manufacturer, which is more stress and hassle than we need, but that’s what happens.  We do this for the love of the scene.

● What inspired the name you have given your label?

Originally the idea behind the name, Back From The Dead is because I wanted to use the label to ensure certain music wasn’t lost to the archives.  Bands could have a new lease of life, music could become available again. We started with Second In Line and Chester, compiling out of print releases and re-releasing for all.  Things have changed over the years and we do also pop new releases out as well, how could we resist helping amazing bands out after all! So yeah, the label name came as a way of trying to preserve music.  To be able to release bands into the UK to help spread their music is rad as well, we’ve had releases from bands in USA, Canada and Japan already, which is stupidly awesome!

● Any rad releases you have planned you can tell us about?

Obviously all our releases are rad, ha ha!  But coming up in the next couple of months we have an amazing compilation of rare, long out of print tracks by the legendary urban rail punks, Eastfield.  It’s been months and months in the works and we can’t wait for this to be released. We’re also involved in releasing the latest from Cornwall’s X-Files thrashers, F. Emasculata.  And going back to the archive origins of the label, we have something in the works from the much missed Brum punks, Dogshit Sandwich. But we are of course always up for new ideas and releases/re-releases, so do drop us a line.

● If you could put out a record from any band still going/or split up, who would itbe?
This is a tough one, cause the idea of the label is DIY and to give bands a platform to reach more listeners and to give a new lease of life to music. But, if you twist my arm then you know what I would absolutely love to be able to work with Face To Face from the new release side, or an archive side. But, I tell ya what, this seems like a great chance for me to suggest an Avail reunion and a release from them would be insane!

Thanks for chatting with us dude, we really appreciate your interest.


Back From The Dead Records

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