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Boris The Sprinkler – Split 7″ (1995) Vinyl 7″

Album: Split 7"

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: They Still Make Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 5 Tracks Vinyl 7"

Punk rock band from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Formed in 1992. Known for their flamboyant satirical style with a supplemental dash of bizarre imagery to keep things interesting. They have released full length albums on the Bulge and Go-Kart record labels.

Members include:
Reverend Nørb - Vocals, keytar, guitar, harmonica (born Norb Rozek)
Paul #1 - Guitar (born Paul Schroder)
Eric #1 Lee - Bass
Ronny Johnny Kispert - Drums

Later members included:
Eric #2 James - Bass, vocals, recording engineer
Ric Six - Bass
Paul #2 - Drums
Tim 00 – bass
LP – guitar


5 Tracks
A1 I Don't Need You
A2 Your Name
A3 Psychotic Neurotic
B1 Hey, Ed!
B2 Attitude

400 hand-numbered copies. Released on colored vinyl.
Released with sleeve and lyric sheet.

From the sleeve:
Moral Crux tracks recorded at BopTech Studios, Spokane WA, August 1995. Engineered by Mike Par. Mixed by Moral Crux and Mike Par.

Boris The Sprinkler tracks recorded at Simple Studios, Green Bay, WI by Eric J. Simple.
"Hey Ed" written by Paul #2. Originally recorded by Nostril.
"Attitude" written by Ed Guerrero & Bret Starr (RIP). Originally recorded by The Tyrants in 1981.

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