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Coldplay’s spent the month promoting its new EP, Kaleidoscope via a worldwide tour that found it providing a striking, surprising cover of Linkin Park’s “Crawling” in honor of its late frontman Chester Bennington. Now, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has offered up yet another curious cover, this one of Paul Simon’s “Graceland”, the title track to the singer’s 1986 solo album.

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Martin performed the cover on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge earlier today, and his spirited vocals were bolstered by both a choir and a backing trio of horns. He told the hosts he first heard the song as a 10-year old child living in Zimbabwe. “I was trying to get the attention of another 10 year old girl,” he said.” There was no texting in those days, but she was doing the eighties equivalent of not texting me back and I remember this song playing and thinking ‘at least the music is awesome.’”

Hear the whole thing below.


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