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Conflict – Turning Rebellion Into Money (1987) CD Album Reissue

Band: Conflict (2)

Album: Turning Rebellion Into Money

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Mortarhate Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 32 Tracks CD Album Reissue

English anarcho-punk band founded 1980 in Eltham, London. Own Mortarhate Records.

32 Tracks
1 Banned From The UK3:36
2 A Piss In The Ocean1:28
3 Big A Little A4:24
4 Increase The Pressure1:47
5 The Serenade Is Dead2:39
6 You Said That1:11
7 From Protest To Resistance3:09
8 To Whom It May Concern2:56
9 Big Hands1:36
10 So What2:58
11 I Ain't Thick (It's Just A Trick)2:54
12 G's Song0:27
13 Contaminational Power1:44
14 Cruise1:38
15 Major General Despair2:30
16 One Nation Under The Bomb1:17
17 Bomb0:45
18 Punk Is Dead1:38
19 Rival Tribal Revel Rebel2:42
20 Statement1:56
21 The Day Before3:10
22 This Is The A.L.F.2:23
23 Tough Shit Mickey2:26
24 Reality Whitewash2:27
25 Working Class Rip-Off3:00
26 Mighty And Superior6:10
27 Do They Owe Us A Living1:22
28 How Does It Feel3:53
29 This Is Not Enough1:55
30 Positive Junk1:30
31 The System Maintains2:28
32 Berkshire3:05

Recorded Saturday 18th April during the "Gathering Of The 5,000" concert at the Brixton Academy, London.

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