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Band Name: Dog Faced Hermans

Music Album: Humans Fly / Every Day Timebomb

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Folk Rock Art Rock

Record Label: Demon Radge Records

Album Release Country: UK & Europe

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks CD

Scottish post punk/ anarcho punk band founded in 1986 in Edinburgh and disbanded in 1995.

17 Tracks
1 How Much Vegetation Have You Got?2:21
2 Mary Houdini1:56
3 Balloon Girl2:39
4 Cactus4:17
5 Incineration2:43
6 Big Pot3:22
7 The Rain It Raineth2:12
8 El Doggo Speaks8:36
9 Catbrain Walk5:37
10 Bella Ciao3:58
11 New Shoots3:49
12 Scottish Block4:05
13 Binding System3:37
14 John Henry4:59
15 Beautyful6:16
16 Frock3:19
17 Live Action5:52

1 to 8 recorded at at Planet, Edinburgh, winter 1987
9 recorded at Makka, Cambridge, winter 1986
10 recorded at at Planet, Edinburgh, spring 1988
11-17 recorded at Chamber, Edinburgh, winter 1989

The original tune for track 14 (John Henry) is derived from the Scottish ballad ´Lass of Roch Royal´.

Released in a jewel case, with 16-page booklet.
Catalogue number on spine and in booklet ´K133´, on disc ´K 133´.
No printed track durations.

Remastered at ADM's Koeienverhuurbedrijf, winter 1991

Distributed by De Konkurrent (Netherlands), SRD (UK), EFA (Germany)

Maximum price 20 ƒ (Netherlands), 7 £ (UK), 20 DM (Germany)

All tracks previously released (1 to 8 on Humans Fly, 9 on Unbend, 10 on Menschen Fliegen, 11 to 17 on Everyday Timebomb)

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