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Band Name: Gang Green

Music Album: Another Wasted Night

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Funhouse Records (2)

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 12 Tracks Vinyl LP

Hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts that has been together on and off since 1980.

1980: band formed - Chris Doherty, Mike Dean, and Bill Manley
1984: broke up
1985: reformed - Chris Doherty (guitar, vocals), Chuck Stilphen (guitar), Glen Stilphen (bass) and Walter Gustafson (drums)
1987: signed to Roadrunner Records lineup was Doherty, Fritz Erickson (guitar), Joe Gittleman (bass) and Brian Betzger (drums)
1990: broke up
1996: Chris Doherty, Chuck Stilphen, Glen Stilphen and Walter Gustafson reformed the band
2000: Doherty moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. Activity is sparse for several years
2009: Band reforms with Cincinnati musicians Chris Donnelly (guitar), Dusty Bryant (bass) and Troy Bryant (drums)

Current Line-Up:
Chris Doherty: Vocals, Guitar (July 1980–present)
Mike Earls: Guitar (1996–1998, 2007–present)
Walter Gustafson: Drums (November 1984–September 1985, February–August 1991, 1996–1998, 2005–present)
Matt Sandonato: Bass, Vocals (1996–present)

Former (...)

12 Tracks
A1 Another Wasted Night
A2 Skate To Hell
A3 Last Chance
A4 Alcohol
A5 Have Fun
A6 19th Hole
B1 Skate Hate
B2 Let's Drink Some Beer
B3 Protect & Serve
B4 Another Bomb
B5 Voices Carry
B6 Sold Out Alabama

Issued in a printed Funhouse Records inner sleeve with ads.

Tracks A1 to A6, B1 and B5 from the original 1986 'Another Wasted Night' LP.
Tracks B1, B3 and B5 from the 1985 'P.M.R.C. Sucks' 12".
Tracks B1 and B5 appeared on both records.
Tracks A2 and A4 also released as 'Skate To Hell / Alcohol' 7" in 1985.
Tracks B2 'Let's Drink Some Beer' (first version), B4 'Another Bomb' (first version) and B6 'Sold Out Alabama' are exclusive to this German version of the release. Track B2 was previously released only on the 1986 cassette version of 'Another Wasted Night', though.

(C) 1987 Funhouse Records.

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