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Let’s move to São Paulo and meet Histeria Oi!, formed 1982 and they released one album via Devil Discos and recorded were twelve solid Oi! numbers by Animal (bass), Betão (vocals), Marcelo + Toni (guitars) and Vitorio (drums). I have not much info about them but a few words I found via the great Lone Rider site, an interview with Bronco Armyalso from São PauloHisteria Oi! released a very raw and powerful album in the 80’s and a few songs for the compilation series Oi! Um Grito De Uniao some years later. Their record had the real face of suburban Oi! music, with themes that all suburban kids could identify with. We recorded two Histeria cover songs that should have been released in a tribute to them, but due to some problems between label, organizers and bands this tribute will probably never be released… – Well, few words but all who loves a good streetpunk sound comes fully at their expense.

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