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Naked Aggression – Naked Regression Recordings 1991-1994 (1998) Vinyl LP Reissue

Band: Naked Aggression

Album: Naked Regression Recordings 1991-1994

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Broken Rekids

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 20 Tracks Vinyl LP Reissue

Political punk band that formed in Madison, Wisconsin, USA in late 1990 by Kirsten Patches. The group subsequently relocated to California. Naked Aggression went on hiatus in 1998 after the untimely death of guitarist Phil Suchomel but was reformed by Patches in 2005.
The band has been known to hold benefit shows for left-wing political causes ranging from pro-choice to AIDS research to Food Not Bombs.

20 Tracks
A1 They Can't Get Me Down
A2 Why Do They Fuck Up My World?
A3 Break The Walls
A4 Angry
A5 Censored Truth
A6 Media
A7 Right Now
A8 Revolt
A9 Walking Around
A10 Ode To A Fucked Up World
B1 Plastic World
B2 Lies
B3 Smash The State
B4 Silent War
B5 Mind Control
B6 Stop The Hate
B7 You're A Disgrace
B8 Drivin' Down The Road
B9 Religious Lies
B10 Out Of Control

A1-A5 were originally released in 1991 on "They Can't Get Me Down".

A6-A10 were originally released in 1992 on "Keep Your Eyes Open".

B1-B5 were originally released in 1994 on "Plastic World".

B6 was originally released on an anti-racism compilation on Lengua Armada Records.

B7 and B8 were originally released in 1994 on an Aus-Rotten/Naked Aggression split EP.

B9 was originally released in 1994 on "Plastic World + 4 Songs".

B10 was originally released in 1993 on "Bitter Youth" LP.

Comes with single sided insert with lyrics and crédits, and an insert in memory if Phil Suchomel, Guitarist who died on 4/25/98.

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