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Band Name: Prisonshake

Music Album: Fuck Your Self Esteem

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Rock Alternative Rock Garage Rock

Record Label: Wabana Ore Limited

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 3 Tracks Vinyl Album 7"

Prisonshake began in 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.
Guitarist Robert Griffin and drummer Scott Pickering had played together in Spike In Vain, and shortly afterwards got together to record what would be Prisonshake's first demo. In May 1987, with engineer/producer Chris Burgess filling the bass slot, the trio released the first single, "Fairfield Avenue Serenade" and began performing regularly throughout the region, with Doug Enkler signing on as principal vocalist just a few months later.

Prisonshake's approach to rock can be loosely compared to Fugazi. Like Fugazi, the most important thing is the music, and they could not care less about record sales, videos, radio, or glamour. But unlike Fugazi, Prisonshake's record output has been limited to just a couple of full-length albums, plus a slew of singles and appearances on compilations, and they don't play live regularly. Admirably, they're writing music for their own enjoyment, and if other people like it as well, that's fine...and hardly necessary.

The group began back in 1987 and soon sta (...)

3 Tracks
A Fuck Your Self Esteem
B1 Dream Along With Me
B2 Kick Up Your Heels

Recorded live at Cicero's, St. Louis 1/10/97.

On March 11th 2021 Scat Records released this whole live set as the digital file album, 'Jan 10 1997'.

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