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Another fantastic record from Austria with two nice bands. Radikalskur’s political punkrock meets the powerful and emotional HC/Punk of E.M.S. – This split EP was released in co-operation with both bands and Paranoia! Records in an edition of 500 copies! Radikalkur exists since 1996 and were formed by some classmates. Their first demo “Willkommen In Österreich” was released in 1997 and they’re playing powerful Deutsch-Punk at that time, pretty much mid-tempo with nice melodies and clear lyrics, the way 18-years buddys see their ooh-so-evil world. Their 2nd demo “Irgendwann Sicher” came out in 1998 (more political aggressive lyrics). Three of those four songs were used for the split EP with E.M.S. (Ego Means Survival). This was their first step out of the rehearsing room into the D.I.Y. world and they’re still active. E.M.S. exists from 1993 – 2002, originally a high school band that played melodic punk rock and covers and under the name “Eat My Shorts” they released two tapes. They changed their initials 1998 in “Ego Means Survival” and their style and music got much harder and they released this split EP with Radikalkur (Vienna). With anarchic lyrics, their D.I.Y. operation and musical idiosyncrasies get well known in the anarcho-punk scene and Autonomous/Gegenkultur movement in Austria & Germany. The german lyrics sometimes let you think of punk-rock as well, but the music is plainly more like melodic-hardcore-punk. E.M.S. quite often playing in front of people who weren’t in any scene at all. And so they reached totally another audience than most of the punk-/hardcore-bands did, which played in front of the same crowd all the time. Overall, they played more than 100 concerts, especially in squats and autonomous centers in Austria & Germany and the neighboring countries. In 2002, the band broke up.

– Special Thx to Reinhard –

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