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Band Name: Vanilla Muffins

Music Album: Gimme Some Sugar Oi!

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Oi

Record Label: Knock Out Records

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 13 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

Punk Rock Oi band from Basel, Switzerland

13 Tracks
A1 Gimme Some Sugar Oi2:25
A2 Mommy's Wonderful3:10
A3 We Are The City Boys3:26
A4 Mommy It's Me!2:47
A5 Saturday4:38
A6 Beauty And The Beast4:31
B7 Mommy, How Can We Stay Young?3:47
B8 Uncle Criminal2:26
B9 Blue Red Forever3:44
B10 I Can't Hear You2:58
B11 Mike Tyson3:34
B12 Hands Off Our Liberty2:44
B13 Switzerland3:36

Credits & pictures inside gatefold sleeve. Includes inlay with pictures & lyrics.

Recorded at RMS Studios Selhurst, London, Sept. 14th-22nd 1999.

"You Come Back To Switzerland" was recorded live in Prague at Ladronka, May 20th 1999 on the Vanilla Muffins Mobile.

Pressing plant uncredited, identified by the matrix scheme.

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