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Seein’ Red – Seein Red (2020) Vinyl 7″

Band: Seein' Red

Album: Seein Red

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Power Of Volume

Release Country: Netherlands

Record Type: 6 Tracks Vinyl 7"

When Lärm ceased to exist, Paul, Olav, Jos and Menno decided to call their new band Seein'Red. Menno did not stay long in the band and after he had left, Burt joined on Bas-guitar and Jos became the singer, Olav stayed on drums and Paul on guitar.
After the first recordings, Jos went back on bass and Burt moved on and would start his own bands: profound, Manliftingbanner, Colt Turkey and Dead Stool Pigeon.

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6 Tracks
A1 Music Can Be A Weapon
A2 Flourish Under Oppression
A3 Down And Out
B1 Real Men
B2 El Salvador
B3 Vegetarian Revolution

500 copies made.

Recorded and mixed at Bombastic, Hoogland, Netherlands on August 26th and September 4th 1989.

A two-sided insert with lyrics and information is included.

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