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Band Name: Seein' Red

Music Album: We Need To Do More Than Just Music.

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Ebullition Records (2)

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 22 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

When Lärm ceased to exist, Paul, Olav, Jos and Menno decided to call their new band Seein'Red. Menno did not stay long in the band and after he had left, Burt joined on Bas-guitar and Jos became the singer, Olav stayed on drums and Paul on guitar.
After the first recordings, Jos went back on bass and Burt moved on and would start his own bands: profound, Manliftingbanner, Colt Turkey and Dead Stool Pigeon.

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22 Tracks
A1 Q : Oppression A : Resistance
A2 Ongoing War
A3 Hydra
A5 Fucking With My Memories
A6 Stay Tuned
A7 Forced Morality
A8 Guinea Pig Generation
A9 Smash The Ballot Box
A10 Disease
A11 T.V. Nation
B1 War Degrades
B2 Smell The Fear
B3 Piece Of Cake
B4 Y.I.I.T.P.
B5 Heroism On Command
B6 Rood
B7 Sad More Often
B8 Culture Of Resistance
B9 Bloodsuckers
B10 Witness
B11 Against The Tide

Recorded on 8 tracks in the practice space, mixed on 115c.
Intro on side a by Mike Kirsch @ Denton, Texas, 1998.

Frontcover photo by Koichiro Miyake @ Nagoya, Japan, 2005.
The photo on the backcover is an image of the April 30th, 1980 riots in Amsterdam.

First pressing: 2000 copies on red vinyl.
Comes with insert with lyrics, info & photography.

'Mastered at' RTI means here 'Processed at'. RTI, lacquer cut facility/engineer and the catalog number are derived from the matrix.

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