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[Sensory Replication Series] – ‘The Depths’ – (1971-2013)

Continuing the tradition of Musicophilia’s most adventurous (and admittedly, least popular) mixes, the ‘Sensory Replication Series,’ comes ‘The Depths’.  Like its predecessors, this mix seeks to create an immersive experience through a virtual landscape.  This involves “heavy mixing,” testing the boundaries between harmony and discord, rhythm and arrhythmia, tension and release, layering seemingly disparate elements and weaving them into something else.  So there are moments where the elements may seem to pull in different directions, but then coalesce as one.  In most instances, there is a spine in the form of a song (or two songs) mixing and meshing with more abstract pieces.  While the sources are diverse, there is a concerted effort to sustain a narrative feeling and a cinematic scope.  So, casual listening it probably isn’t–it may only really make sense when you have a moment to listen without distraction (ideally in the dark with headphones, so that the soundscape can really substitute for all other senses).  But for those who can find beauty in imperfection, I hope it will be rewarding. Stream and download after the “more” link.  The tracklist this time around is only an approximation, not a sequential list, as many of the tracks are intertwined.

[mixcloud http://www.mixcloud.com/musicophilia/musicophilia-the-depths-1971-2013/ width=480 height=480 /]

Various – ‘The Depths’

Harold Budd – “Juno” (The Pavilion of Dreams, 1978)
Anthony Moore – “Twilight, Uxbridge Rd.” (Flying Doesn’t Help, 1979)
Jacqueline Thibault – “Galaxies” (Galaxies, 1974)
Depeche Mode – “I Want You Now” (Music for the Masses, 1987)
Cliff Martinez – “Will She come Back” (Solaris, 2002)
Durutti Column – “Opera II” (Vini Reilly, 1989)
Prince Far I – “Final Chapter”  (Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter 3, 1980)
Ryuichi Sakamoto – “Jyaku” (Disappearance, 2013)
Lou Reed – “The Bed” (Berlin, 1973)
Scott Walker – “The Electrician” (Nite Flights, 1978)
Chromatics – “No Escape” (Kill For Love, 2012)
Lewis – “Love Showered Me” (L’Amour, 1983)
Gunter Schickert – “Wanderer” (Uberfallig, 1979)
Mike Cooper – “Time to Time” (Places I Know, 1971)
The Knife – “Old Dreams Waiting to be Realized” (Shaking the Habitual, 2013)
Television – “Marquee Moon (Alternate)” (Marquee Moon, 1977)
Jack DeJohnette – “Back-Woods Song” (Gateway, 1975)
Bruce Gilbert – “Music for Fruit” (Music for Fruit, 1991)
Klein & MBO – “The MBO Theme”  (First, 1983)
Fall of Saigon – “On the Beach at Fontana” (Fall of Saigon, 1982)
Stevie Wonder – “Race Babbling” (Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants, 1979)
Andy Stott – “Leaving” (Luxury Problems, 2012)
Franco Falsini – “Cold Nose Story” (Cold Nose, 1975)
Matthew Herbert – “Closing Theme” (Score, 2007)

[Total Time: 78:50]

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