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This 7inch came out on Panza-Platte and both tracks appeared later on their Mini-LP ‘Nagasaki’. The band were founded 1980 in Vienna out from a band called ‘Sprays’ and they’re playin’ with different line-ups. They put out this 7inch, a mini album and were on several compilations, WienmusikK or Heimat Bist Du Größer Söhne are probably the punkiest ones. The music from Standart Oil is not really punk, it’s more a kind of alternaive/new wave sound and sung in native Vienna dialect. The a-side is a nice reggae tune while the flip’s a solide “Schunkel” number with sax and cool lyrics. In 1984 the band split up. I find the Austrian underground always interesting because there were more versatile genres and really genuine ’77 punk bands can be counted on two hands, compare that with Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, etc…. In Austria is everything a little melancholic and this is exactly what I love about this country. These two songs are definitely one of them and just describe what I’ve just described, all right?

– Special Thx to Reinhard –

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