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From Hoorn came this dutch punx called the Vernon Walters (1986-1990), named after an American diplomat & officier mainly known as personal adviser to presidents Truman, Eisenhower and Kennedy. Frontman Hans Engel (vox+guitars) plays an important role in the dutch underground scene. He was also active as a programmer for the youth center Troll and co-founder of the Westfries Popkollektief. The band started the label Let’s Make Our Own Records and they released a split with Indirekt in 1987, followed by their only album two years later, and three singles. Musically they played melodic punkrock with political messages by sincere lads; which didn’t mean they were not having a sense of humor. Later Engel was active in the band Hungry I. In May 2003 at the age of 42 he get killed during a stay in Spain. In August 2007 revealed the street sign with his friends Hans Engel Intersection in the Hoorn and Eastern Polder Bangert new district. So this is their last record with six live goodies which were recorded @ the Troll/Hoorn on 2. June 1990.

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