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On December 1st, Wilco will re-release their first two albums, 1995’s A.M. and 1996’s Being There. Each deluxe reissue will include a number of rare demos and alternate takes, as well as some never-before-released tracks. The band previously shared the newly unearthed “Myrna Lee” from the A.M. sessions, and today they’re unveiling the Being There outtake “Dynamite My Soul”.

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The gentle track finds Jeff Tweedy’s soft vocals rising and falling over some sweet, skipping acoustic guitar. “I brought myself to come to you/ Wasn’t that hard,” he sings. “90 miles exactly I traveled/ To your backyard.” Take a listen below.

The A.M. reissue comes on CD or double-LP, while the larger Being There is being packaged as a five-CD or four-LP collection. In addition to the remastered album, both deluxe versions feature 15 outtakes, demos, and alternative versions, as well as a  four-song set the band played on November 13th, 1996 at KCRW. The CD also includes a double-disc live album recorded at The Troubadour the day prior, November 12th, 1996.

Pre-orders for each set are available via Wilco World, where fans can snag one of 2,500 limited edition colored vinyl versions of each record.

Being There Deluxe Reissue Tracklist:
Disc One: Original Album
01. Misunderstood
02. Far, Far Away
03. Monday
04. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
05. Forget The Flowers
06. Red-Eyed And Blue
07. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
08. What’s The World Got In Store
09. Hotel Arizona
10. Say You Miss Me

Disc Two: Original Album
01. Sunken Treasure
02. Someday Soon
03. Outta Mind (Outta Sight)
04. Someone Else’s Song
05. Kingpin
06. (Was I) In Your Dreams
07. Why Would You Wanna Live
08. The Lonely 1
09. Dreamer In My Dreams

Disc Three: Outtakes/Alternates/Demos
01. Late Blooming Son
02. I Got You – Dobro Mix Warzone
03. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind – Alternate
04. Far Far Away (Dark Side Of The Room)
05. Dynamite My Soul
06. Losing Interest
07. Why Would You Wanna Live – Alternate
08. Sun’s A Star
09. Capitol City
10. Better When I’m Gone
11. Dreamer In My Dreams – Alternate Rough Take
12. Say You Miss Me – Alternate
13. I Got You – Alternate
14. Monday – Party Horn Version
15. I Can’t Keep From Talking

Disc Four: Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 (Part One)
01. Sunken Treasure
02. Red-Eyed And Blue
03. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
04. Someone Else’s Song
05. Someday Soon
06. Forget The Flowers
07. New Madrid
08. I Must Be High
09. Passenger Side – Punk Version
10. Passenger Side
11. Hotel Arizona
12. Monday
13. Say You Miss Me

Disc Five: Live At The Troubadour 11/12/96 (Part Two)
01. Outtasite (Outta Mind)
02. The Long Cut
03. Kingpin
04. Misunderstood
05. Far, Far Away
06. Give Back The Key To My Heart
07. Gun
Live On KCRW 11/13/96
08. Sunken Treasure
09. Red-Eyed And Blue
10. Far, Far Away
11. Will You Love Me Tomorrow

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