She’ is the new emotional and powerful single from Tasmania’s hard hitting folk-punk band The Dead Maggies. It will be launched on the 15th of December at Smorgasbaarg (Hobart) with 100% of sales going to support local domestic violence NGO; Support, Help, Empowerment (SHE). The song will be available to purchase from Bandcamp from Thursday9th December from 7pm AEST.

The song adapts the words of women in Tasmania who are experiencing and have experienced domestic violence into a single story with a dark and powerful message. Their stories came from a report released by SHE and The Dead Maggies hope to raise awareness and money for this invaluable NGO.

I found reading the interviews [in SHE’s report] incredibly powerful. The women’s words made understanding the reality of seeking help, and society’s reactions, stark, bleak and horribly sexist. It was very hard to take in, the only reaction I could have was to turn it into a song. I’m proud of this song, I think it’s a good one. But it’s because of the words of those women. That’s where its power comes from. It seemed obvious from the moment I wrote it that we needed to use it to support SHE and support the movement against ending gendered violence and societies’ gendered reaction to violence.” (Gareth, The Dead Maggies)

Not long returned from their second international tour, and coming off the back of HOBOFOPO (Hobart’s first folk-punk festival) this is The Dead Maggies first release since their album “Well Hanged” (2015) which received rave reviews, national and international airplay.

This summer The Dead Maggies will be appearing at festivals including; Falls Festival, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Taste of Tasmania, National Folk Festival and Fractangular Gathering.

She (the song) will be released in March on an EP with other tracks that are still currently being recorded.

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