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The Bay Street Bastards “Small Batch”
Release date: 16 December 2016
Running time: 17:55, 5 tracks

The Bay Street Bastards were our Band of the Month last April 2015. These Canadians released a great debut album and now they have just delivered a 5 track EP titled “Small Batch”. There are a lot of words to define their brand new CD, but I’ve chosen this one: spectacular. They have kept all the things that made them an interesting band, but they have pushed the punk side of their sound and they look like a new (and better) band.

From the very first notes of “Hooligan Crew” you know what to expect from them. This one is a fast paced anthem with amazing accordion, a powerful rhythm section and gang vocals à la DKM. One of the songs of the year.

Blood, Sweat and Teeth” follows a similar path: angst vocals, catchy woah chorus, full speed drumming, backing accordion and an electric guitar passage.

Ships of November” has a quiet beginning with fiddle, acoustic guitar and harmonica. The vocals move to the Guns and Roses territory and then the song bursts into a ska punk accordion and fiddle led number with a Fiddler’s Green twist. It’s difficult to choose a favourite song, as all of them are perfect!

The next track is a new version of “Slappywag’s”. “Slappywag’s”? From their debut album? Yeah, that f*cking good song. If you felt that this number couldn’t be improved, you were wrong. The Bay Street Bastards have recorded the definitive version for this classic song. Grab a pint of stout and sing along, bastards!!!

The EP comes to its end with “Private Reserve” and the quality doesn’t go down. Lead vocals, backing vocals, rhythm section … everything is spotless, including the electric guitar part.

The Bay Street BastardsSmall Batch” is one of the best Celtic punk records of the year. Watch this space, because they will have a privileged place on the Best Celtic punk EPs of 2016. In the meanwhile, go to Bandcamp and buy your copy. And don’t forget to play it loud at home.


Track list:

1. Hooligan Crew 02:17
2. Blood, Sweat & Teeth 03:16
3. Ships of November 03:40
4. Slappywag’s 04:36
5. Private Reserve 03:56


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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