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Angry Samoans – The Unboxed Set (1995) CD

Band: Angry Samoans

Album: The Unboxed Set

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Garage Rock Psychedelic Rock Folk Rock

Label: Triple X Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 43 Tracks CD

American punk rock band founded in August 1978 in Los Angeles.


43 Tracks
1 Right Side Of My Mind2:09
2 Gimme Sopor1:44
3 Hot Cars0:33
4 Inside My Brain1:36
5 You Stupid Asshole2:09
6 Get Off The Air1:29
7 My Old Man's A Fatso2:55
8 Carson Girls2:48
9 I'm A Pig2:17
10 Too Animalistic (Live)1:59
11 Right Side Of My Mind2:16
12 Gas Chamber1:01
13 The Todd Killings0:38
14 Lights Out0:52
15 My Old Man's A Fatso1:32
16 Time Has Come Today2:07
17 They Saved Hitler's Cock1:40
18 Homo-Sexual0:52
19 Steak Knife1:00
20 Haizman's Brain Is Calling1:56
21 Tuna Taco0:38
22 Coffin Case0:39
23 You Stupid Jerk0:23
24 Ballad Of Jerry Curlan3:08
25 Not Of This Earth1:12
26 Different World1:47
27 Electrocution2:09
28 It's Raining Today2:43
29 Unhinged1:55
30 Psych-Out 1291:54
31 Somebody To Love1:55
32 I Lost (My Mynd)1:56
33 Wild Hog Rhyde2:07
34 Laughing At Me1:47
35 STP Not LSD2:05
36 Staring At The Sun1:36
37 Death Of Beewak2:07
38 Egyptomania1:37
39 Attack Of The Mushroom People2:44
40 Feet On The Ground1:18
41 Garbage Pit1:40
42 (I'll Drink To This) Love Song2:04
43 Lost Highway2:24

Booklet states tracks 1 - 11 originally released in 1980 as "Inside My Brain," but this is not correct. Tracks 1 - 6 were originally released in 1980 as Inside My Brain while tracks 7 to 11 were bonus tracks on side B of the 1987 reissue on PVC Records.

Tracks 12 - 25 originally released 1982 as Back From Samoa

Tracks 26 - 31 originally released 1986 an untitled 12" EP, later reissued as Yesterday Started Tomorrow

Tracks 32 - 43 originally released 1988 as as STP Not LSD

All songs published by Haizman Music BMI Admn. By Bug Music BMI except Time Has Come Today, Chambro Music BMI/Spinnaker Music BMI; Somebody to Love, Irving Music Inc. BMI; Laughing at Me, Bizarre/Alive Ent. BMI.

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