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Band Name: Artificial Peace

Music Album: Outside Looking In

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Lost And Found Records

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 24 Tracks Vinyl LP

24 Tracks
A1 Missing In Action0:29
A2 Against The Grain1:16
A3 U.X.B.0:19
A4 No Escape, No Excuse0:48
A5 Enlisted Man0:52
A6 D.J.0:57
A7 Wild Thing2:14
A8 War Path0:42
A9 Neighbors0:40
A10 Watcher1:58
A11 Spook Surf1:20
A12 Enemy Minds0:59
A13 Dead End0:45
A14 This Means War0:59
B1 Fixed Truth0:52
B2 Enlisted Man0:52
B3 World Of Hate1:18
B4 The Future - Think For Yourself2:29
B5 Dead End0:46
B6 Someone Cares1:32
B7 Outside Looking In0:58
B8 Frustration1:10
B9 Against The Grain1:20
B10 Never Too Old1:15

Tracks A1 to A14 recorded on November 28th, 1981 @ Inner Ear Studios.

Same sessions as their tracks on V.A. 'Flex Your Head' LP 1982.

Tracks B1 to B10 recorded in June 1982 @ Catch-A-Buzz, Washington D.C.

Same sessions as on their 1983 split 7" with Exiled.

Printed insert with some lyrics and label releases included.

All copies pressed on red vinyl.

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