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Sofa Head – Invitation To Dinner (1990) Vinyl 7″

Band: Sofa Head

Album: Invitation To Dinner

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Label: Meantime Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 4 Tracks Vinyl 7"

Sofa Head were formed from a previous band called Dan (see Dan (13)) with Claire Sykes on vocals, Ian Wallis on guitar & vocals, founder Ian Armstrong on bass guitar and Andrew Laing on drums & vocals. Tracks from the band's first first demo, "World" and "Ugly" appeared on the Meantime Records compilation "Spleurk!". Early performances featured a drum machine until the band managed to lure drummer Laing from the audience.

Sofa Head cut 4 albums. "Pre Marital Yodelling (1127 Walnut Ave.)", the title of which is an oblique reference to both Jehovah's Witnesses and Laurel & Hardy. Recorded in July 1989 it was released on Meantime in the UK, on the Double A label in Germany and on the Profane Existence label in the USA. This was followed by a single release "Invitation To Dinner" on the Rugger Bugger Discs label and a John Peel session. This single featured on the 2nd album "What A Predicament".

The band released a 12", titled "Twat!", featuring 2 studio tracks & live tracks on the flipside. Laing left the band and joined "Leatherface", replaced by a drummer called Graham (surname unknown) for the 3rd album "Acres Of Geeses". However, Graham disappeared on the eve of the support tour and Laing filled in, finally being replaced by Matthew Woodward from the Cleveland (...)


4 Tracks
A1 Invitation To Dinner
A2 It Doesn't Work
B1 Fill
B2 Grown Ups Pt.2

Done on the 18/25th Nov '89 at Studio 64, Middlesbrough.

Yellow/orange sleeve.. Other colours were available.The sleeve is 1 1/2 folded over, with a further small fold at one side as it is otherwise too wide for the standard 7" poly bag. White labels, stickered on one side (as can be read on Image).

Rugger Bugger Discs in collaboration with Meantime.

Run-out etchings:

Side A: There's no scratch message on this record
Side B: What's for breakfast?

Pressed at MPO.

DUMP 004 catalogue number appears in run-out groove and on centre label sticker.
COX EP2 appears on fold out artwork.

The original track "Grown Ups" appeared on the album "Pre Marital Yodelling".

Image of the sleeve taken from Lucio Fulci´s The Beyond (L'aldilà) movie.

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