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Coffin Break – Rupture / Psychosis (1990) CD Album

Band: Coffin Break

Album: Rupture / Psychosis

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Alternative Rock

Label: Tupelo Recording Company

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 25 Tracks CD Album

American hardcore punk band founded in 1987 in Seattle, Washington.

To those who didn't bother to keep track of every bit of minutiae flowing from the Seattle rock scene in the early '90s, Coffin Break was a band that clung more tenaciously to their punk roots than to the metallic anthem rock which eventually was embodied by the success of Seattle bands.

Coffin Break was almost two bands living together with two distinctly different songwriters Rob Skinner (bass & vocals) and Peter Litwin (guitar, vocals) maintaining a precarious balance between pop and panic.

Skinner's "Stupid Love Song" is a sardonic tongue-in-cheek punk anthem just a little to self-debasing to allow for total abandon. "Hopeless" tightens Coffin Break's grip on straightforward punk rock, while the discordant metallic intro to "Promise" sheds a bit of light on things to come.

The Album "Rupture", released in 1990, is the record that showed Coffin Break had fully realized and polished their sound after their first bout of constant national touring. "Vision of Never" and "Rosy Picture" pack a heavy punk-rock wallop, and Litwin's clever "Kill the President" written for Daddy Bush, is now as relevant as political protest gets.

Coffin Bre (...)

25 Tracks
1 World
2 Fringe
3 39
4 Vision Of Never
5 Quiet Earth
6 Kill The President
7 Rosey Picture
8 Diane
9 Pop Fanatic
10 Just Say No
11 Tuesday Thursday Man
12 Rawg
13 Nursing Home Child
14 No Respect
15 Drip
16 Psychosis
17 Stupid Love Song
18 Flesh Field
19 Promise
20 Look Away
21 Hopeless
22 Blind Tony
23 The Chosen
24 White Collar Man
25 Noise Patch

This CD contains both the "Rupture" and "Psychosis" albums, both of which are also available separately.

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