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Band Name: Disclose

Music Album: Raw Brutal Assault Vol. 1: Discography 1992-1994

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: No Fashion HC Records

Album Release Country: Brazil

Music Record Type: 0 Tracks CD

A D-beat band from Kochi in Japan. They split up after the death of the band's leader Kawakami from an overdose of alcohol and sedative.

0 Tracks
Crime Demo
Crust And Anguished Life Compilation CD
Conquest Demo / Split Tape With Insane Youth
Fear Of The War Demo
Unreleased 1994 Demo
Live December 1992
Once The War Started 7"
Split 7" With Insane Youth
The Demo's LP
Live At C.S. Kichi-City 30 October 1993

Brazilian version limited to 1,000 copies. Contains material from 1992-1994:

"Crime" Demo Tape: released April '92. Less than 100 copies made.

Crust And Anguished Life-International Compilation CD: recorded at N.D. 24/08/1992, released by MCR Company in '93.

"Conquest" Demo Tape (also released as a Split Tape with Insane Youth): recorded on a 4-track recorder at the rehearsal studio, February 1993. Sold at gigs only.

"Fear Of The War" Demo Tape: limited edition of 250 with badge and patch on Crust Records.

1st/2nd Demos & Live Tape: first 2 demos & live December '92 compiled on one tape. Distributed worldwide.

"Once The War Started" 7" EP: 500 copies on Overthrow Records in '93. Later reissued on Split LP with Hakushi by Love & Hope Records.

Split 7" w/ Insane Youth700 copies on MCR Company in '93. Later reissued on Split LP with Hakuchi.

The Demo's LP: recorded at the same time as the first EP. Previously available on several compilation tapes. Later reissued as the Demos Album by Love & Hope Records in '95.

Unreleased 4th demo: recorded live in studio, winter '94, on a 4-track.

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