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Information about this music album download:

Band Name: EA80

Music Album: Mehr Schreie...

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Not On Label (EA80 Self-released)

Album Release Country: Germany

Music Record Type: 12 Tracks Vinyl Album LP Reissue

German punk band from Mönchengladbach formed in 1979, and still active.

12 Tracks
A1 Ein Tag An Meinem Fenster
A2 Später
A3 Rot (Kleine Farbenlehre)
A4 Territorium
A5 5x4
A6 Von Leeren Herzen
A7 Auf Wiedersehn
B1 Grab x !
B2 Sie Zerstörten Alles
B3 5.29
B4 Nr 1
B5 Wurm

Info from back cover:

Recorded: may '87 in Dü Desperation!!!


Info from center labels:

© 1987

also different spellings on labels:

A5: 5 X 4

B1: Grab X !


This is the 2nd pressing in a series of 5. Pressing 2 to 5 have a different coverphoto, different versions of "Territorium" and "Auf Wiedersehn", an edited version of "Grab x !" and 1 additional song: "Wurm", which is not mentioned on cover or center label.

The labels of this reissue are white.

Some copies of the LP contain an extra "Wurm" lyric sheet.

500 copies made.

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