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Band Name: Guttermouth

Music Album: Full Length LP

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore

Record Label: Dr. Strange Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 15 Tracks Vinyl LP

Punk band from Huntington Beach, California. US
Formed 1989

Current members:
Mark Adkins – Vocals (1988–present)
Kevin Clark – Bass (2004–2009, 2015–present)
Justin Van Westbroek – Bass (2009–2015), drums (2015–present)
Matt Wills – Guitar (2010–present)
Donnie Barnes – Guitar (2018–present)

Past members:
Eric "Derek" Davis – Guitar (1988–2004)
Barry Burnham – Guitar (1988)
Paul "Fang" Denis – Bass (1988)
Tim Baulch – Drums (1988)
Scott Sheldon – Guitar/Keys (1989–2008)
Clint "Cliff" Weinrich – Bass (1989–1995 2003, 2006, 2009)
James Nunn (aka Captain/Admiral James T. Nunn) – Drums (1989–1999), Bass (1999–2001)
Steve "Stever" Rapp – Bass (1995–1999)
William Tyler "Ty" Smith - Drums (1999–2005, 2014)
Donald "Don" Horne – Guitar (2004–2008)
Ryan Farrell – Drums (2005–2011)
Dave Luckett – Guitar (2008–2013)
Hunter Munich – Guitar (2008–2009)
Brandon Zinkil – Guitar (2009–2010)
Alex Flamsteed – Drums (2011–2015)
Geoff Armstrong – Guitar (2012–2018)

15 Tracks
A1 Race Track
A2 No More
A3 Jack La Lanne
A4 Where Was I?
A5 Old Glory
A6 I'm Punk
A7 Mr. Barbeque
B1 Bruce Lee vs. The Kiss Army
B2 Chicken Box
B3 Carp (Work/Time)
B4 Toilet
B5 Oats
B6 1,2,3,...Slam
B7 I Used To Be 20
B8 Reggae Man

With Label Catalogue Insert.
Some were released on red vinyl

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