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Band Name: Lucrate Milk

Music Album: Live

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: V.I.S.A.

Album Release Country: France

Music Record Type: 24 Tracks Cassette

French cult art punk band active between 1979 and 1983.

24 Tracks
A1 Lustieges Tierquartett1:22
A2 She Told Me About Leeds Permanent Building Society3:05
A3 Darling Husband1:42
A4 No Gods Will Fuck You2:05
A5 Henschenklein1:32
A6 I Love You Fuck Off2:00
A7 Kepon Destroy0:54
A8 La Cloche1:47
A9 Mr Phoque1:54
A10 Kick Your Ass2:03
A11 Ricos (Tsé-tsé)1:02
A12 Neplarelou2:30
A13 Bocops0:38
B1 Intro0:24
B2 Three Blind Mice2:52
B3 Lustieges Tierquartett1:33
B4 Tommy1:25
B5 Nepla Relou2:40
B6 Henschenklein1:39
B7 Mr Phoque1:30
B8 She Told Me About Leeds Permanent Building Society3:12
B9 Ricos (Tsé-tsé)0:56
B10 Fucking Pacifists1:20
B11 Cancer L'Amour2:40

A1 Recorded live 20/02/82 in Cascade.
A2 Recorded live 24/10/83 in Strati I.
A3, A4 Recorded live 22/11/83 in Sorano.
A5 to A10 Recorded live 26/11/83 in Nancy.
A11 Recorded live 03/12/83 in Berlin,during Berlin Atonal '83.
A12, A13 Recorded live 18/02/83 at Forum.

Side B Recorded live 28/05/82 at Rex.

Includes a booklet, an insert and sticker.

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