meth. are a six-piece “noisecore” band from Chicago, Illinois that have been around since 2017. They play an incredibly dark, noisy, and dissonant style of music that blend genres such as metalcore, black metal, drone, powerviolence, screamo, and grindcore to form this bludgeoning sound. It’s an orchestra of drills and hammers, with shrieks and guttural moans as its conductor. These tracks come together in menacing chaos and hyperactive tension, and this band has truly blown me away. They released an EP earlier this year, the wonderfully titled I Love You, and another incredible one last year. I cannot recommend this enough for fans of music that’s been pushed past an extreme limit, because this has definitely knocked me on my ass. Enjoy.

1. The Bed In The Forest
2. Hazelona
3. The Mother’s Garden
4. It Wasn’t An Accident
5. Elder Body
6. Buried In The Woods (Bonus Track)

1. Opaque Release
2. Shuttering Impulse
3. Prayer In Shallow Water
4. Ascend And Dispose
5. You Are Home

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