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Negu Gorriak – Ustelkeria (1996) CD Album Reissue

Band: Negu Gorriak

Album: Ustelkeria

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Hip Hop Rock Reggae Alternative Rock Dub

Label: Esan Ozenki

Release Country: Spain

Record Type: 14 Tracks CD Album Reissue

From Basque country (Spain), Negu Gorriak is born after the ska group Kortatu was disbanded in the most popular point of its career in order to avoid creative settlement. The influences from Os Resentidos, old school rappers, Public Enemy, hardcore punk, reggae, ska and latin music are very clear in their eponymic record where the drums are sequenced and the sampler becomes very present.

In 1991 two new members will become part of the group: Mikel Anestesia (Mikel Kazalis) and Mikel BAP (Mikel Abrego), incrementing considerably the quality and depth of music of the band. In that year they also created Esan Ozenki (Say It Out Loud, in Basque), their own record label. Published in 1991, Gure Jarrera would make Negu Gorriak both famous (as the most solid group of the Basque music rock scene) and infamous (for the song Ustelkeria, which w (...)


14 Tracks
1 Oker Dabiltza3:04
2 Ustelkeria (München 95-9-11)3:01
3 Hiri Gerrilaren Dantza (Txikito Mix)2:42
4 B.S.O. (Dub)4:55
5 Jainkoak Gorde Beza Lehendakaria2:17
6 Hator, Hator3:24
7 Itxoiten (Underwater Maketa)3:29
8 Izokin Euskaldun Baten Istorioa3:19
9 Aizu (Pez Mix)4:45
10 Bizitza Zein Laburra Den (K-Naif Love Maketa)2:03
11 Apatxe Gaua3:29
12 Borreroak Baditu Milaka Aurpegi (Maketa)3:11
13 JFK (Cool Version Live)4:04
14 Hipokrisiari Stop! (Luis Mariano Mix)3:07

2001 reissue:
"This album's benefits were used to cover expenses on the trial by the Guardia Civil's General Galindo against Negu Gorriak. Originally there were pressed 1.500 CD's. Now that we have defeated him here's a new version for this album."

Catalog number printed on spine is "EO-199CD".
Catalog number printed on CD is "EO199CD".

Tracks 1 & 6 originally released as BDE-016.
Track 5 originally released in "Various - El Chico Más Pálido De La Playa Del Gros" 6G0429.
Track 8 originally released in Nafarroa Oinez 94 CDS.
Track 11 originally released in NG Brigada Barcelona single.
Track 14 originally released in EO-037/S. Contains a sample of Luis Mariano.

CD comes in a jewel case containing a 24-page booklet.

Esan Ozenki address printed on back cover is:
Eguzkitza Karrika 13 · 20.304 Irun. EH

Rated 4.5/5 based on 204 customer reviews

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