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Band Name: Sublime (2)

Music Album: Stand By Your Van (Live)

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Reggae Acoustic Dub Ska

Record Label: Gasoline Alley Records

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 16 Tracks CD

An influential California punk/ska rock band, existed between 1988 and 1996.

Sublime disbanded after their singer Brad Nowell died of a heroin overdose on 25th May 1996, only two months before their self-titled album was released. In 2009, the surviving members Bud Gaugh and Eric Wilson attempted to reform Sublime with Rome Ramirez as their new singer and guitarist, but due to a lawsuit, the band was forced to change their name to Sublime With Rome.

16 Tracks
1 Don't Push2:59
2 Right Back2:41
3 New Thrash1:03
4 Let's Go Get Stoned4:48
5 Greatest Hits2:56
6 Date Rape3:48
7 S.T.P.2:45
8 Badfish3:02
9 D.J.s4:12
10 Work That We Do3:24
11 Poolshark2:16
12 Ebin3:27
13 All You Need2:43
14 Waiting For My Ruca2:19
15 Caress Me Down4:21
16 KRS-One2:25

Tracks 1-11 recorded live at Kommotion, San Francisco, CA (9/9/94) Remixed at Total Access, Redondo Beach, CA

Track 12 recorded live to DAT at The Tressel Tavern, Everett, WA (11/94)

Tracks 13-14 recorded live to DAT at The Warped Tour, Asbury Park, NJ (8/95)

Track 15 recorded live to DAT at The Palace, Hollywood, CA (10/95)

Track 16 recorded live to MD at The House Of Blues, Hollywood, CA (4/96)

Mastered at Oasis, Los Angeles, CA and The Time Capsule, Long Beach, CA.

Catalog number is written as "GASSD-11798" on the CD.

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