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As I wote in my previous blog, my single’s record collection had been obliterated to a ‘mush’ due to a leaking attic roof. This had caused damage to the covers and the labels, to such an extent that I could not read the label or tell what band it was from the state of the covers. I scraped off the mush and I was left with only the black vinyl.

I made a list of the singles I own, I am sure I had more! I remember buying “The Starjets” single after I saw them at the Stiff Little Finger’s 1st concert in Carlisle, they were the supporting band, 50p from the Pink Panther Record shop (God bless it). It has a white label and printed nam… D.I.Y. at its best.
There were other singles too, but I have no idea where they have gone too (I bet you know how it feels too?). But it is what I have at the moment. I have not included odd 1960s singles from The Who (I Can’t Explain) or Aruther Brown (Fire) and other 60s groups (I order these from the ‘Panther’). The list represents the Punk/New Wave singles…what I consider them to be!

And, to be honest, I did not buy all of them, some where given…written in no particular order.

I have tried to include the record companies where possible and I have left it black if the label was too badly destroyed. It gives an idea who was working for the ‘big boys’ and who were with the ‘independants’. Some of the tracks I have also left blank due to I could not read the labels:

Discharge on Clay Records
/ War is no Farytale / Always Restrictions // You Take Part in Cheating the System / Religious Instigators [1980]

The Jam on Polydor
Just who is the 5 O’clock Hero / The Great Depression [1982]
The Modern World // / /Bricks and Motar [1977]
Eton Riffles / See Saw [1979]
Strange Town / The Butter Fly Collector [1979]
Move on Up // Stoned Out of My Mind / War [1982]
Beat Surrender / Shopping [1982]

X-Ray Specs
Germ Free Adolescence / Age

Ian Dury and the Blockheads on Stiff Records
Hit Me with your Rhythm Stick / There Ain’t Half Been Some cleaver Bastards [1978]

The Undertones of Sire Records
My Perfect Cousin // Hard Luck (Again) / I Don’t Wanna See You Again [1980]
Jimmy Jimmy / Mars Bars [1979]

Crass/Poison girls on Exitstencil Music
Big A Little A / Nagasaki nightmare

Cron Gen
//Living Next Door to Alice / Ripper
Reality / subway sadist

Joy Division on Factory Records
Love Will Tear Us Apart / These Days [18.04.80]

The Exploited on Secret Records
Dead Cities // Hitlers in the Charts Again / Class War [1981]

Court Martial on Riot City Records
Got to Get Out // Fight For Your Life / Young Offenders

The Dickies on A&M
Bannana Splits / Hideous / Got It At The Store [1979]

Elvis Costello & The Attractions
Olivers Army / My Funny Valentine

The Buzzcocks on New Hormones
Break Down / Times Up // Boredom / Friends of Mine [1978]
Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Should n’t ‘ve?) [1978]
Harmony in My Head / [1979]
Promises / Lip Stick [

PIL on Virgin
Flowers of Romance / Home is Where the Heart Is
Memories / Another
See It In Your Eyes / And No Birds Do Sing

101ers on Big Beat Records
Sweet Revenge / Rabies (from the dogs of Love) [1980]
Keys to your Heart / 5 Star Rock ‘n’ Roll Petrol [1976]

Boomtown Rats on Ensign Records
Tat Trap / So strange [1978]
She’s So Modern / Lying Again [1978]
Like Clockwork / How Do You Do [1978]

Cockney Rejects on EMI
/ East End

Crown of Thorns on Holy Innocence
Stuck in the World / Venison Baby [1982]

The Damned
Wait for the Blackout / Jet Boy Jet Girl [1978]

Anti-Pasti EP
No maggie thature and No government /

The Clash on CBS
London Calling / Armagiddeon Time
Radio Clash / [1981]
Radio one / Hitsville UK [1980]
Clash City Rockers / Jail Guitar Doors
Bankrobber/Train in Vain
Remote Control / Londons Burning [1977]
Tommy Gun / 1-2 Crush on You [1978]
Complete Control / The City of the Dead [1977]
I Fought the Law / Groovy Times // Gates of the West / Capital Radio
Know Your rights / First Night Back in London 1982]
White Riot / 1977 [1977]
Rock the Casbah / Long Time Jerk [1982]
The Call Up / Stop the World [1980]

Blondie on Chrysalis
Hanging on the Telephone / Will Anything Happen [1978]

Icicle Works
When it all comes down / Lets go down to the river

Sex Pistols on Virgin
Pretty Vacant / No Fun [1977]
C’mon Everybody // God Save the Queen Symphony / Watcha Gona Do aAbout It
God Save the Queen /
Something Else / Friggin in the Riggin [1979]
The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle / No One Is Innocent [1978]

Tenpole Tudor on Stiff
Swords of a Thousands Men / Love and Food
Wonderbar / Tenpole 45

The Skids on Virgin
Into the Valley / TV Star [1983]

Serious Drinking
/ Man of Rock

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