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Band Name: Slaughter And The Dogs

Music Album: The Punk Singles Collection

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Folk Rock Oi

Record Label: Captain Oi!

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 25 Tracks CD

English punk band formed in 1975 in Wythenshawe, Manchester.

25 Tracks
1 Cranked Up Really High
2 The Bitch
3 Where Have All The Boot Boys Gone?
4 You're A Bore
5 Dame To Blame
6 Johnny T.
7 Quick Joey Small
8 Come On Back
9 It's Alright
10 Edgar Allan Poe
11 Twist And Turn
12 U. F. O.
13 I Believe
14 It Isn't Me
15 You're Ready Now
16 Runaway
17 East Side Of Town
18 One By One
19 I'm The One
20 What's Wrong Boy (Live)
21 Hell In New York
22 Since You Went Away
23 Situations
24 You're A Bore
25 I'm Mad

Taken from liner notes: Tracks 22-25 listed as bonus accoustic tracks. All tracks written by Rossi / Barrett except Track 6 by Levine / Resnick, Track 8 by Slaughter And The Dogs, Tracks 13 & 14 by Rossi, Track 15 by Crewe / Gaudio, Tracks 17-19 by Rossi / Garrity, and Track 20 by Bates.

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