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Band Name: Toy Dolls

Music Album: Covered In Toy Dolls

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Oi

Record Label: Captain Oi!

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 17 Tracks CD

Punk band from Sunderland, UK, formed in October 1979.

Last Known Line-Up:-

Olga (Michael Algar): Vocals, Guitar
Tom Goober (Tom Blyth): Bass Guitar
The Amazing Mr. Duncan (Duncan Redmonds): Drums


Pete Zulu (Peter Robson): Vocals, Guitar (1st)
Hud (Paul Hudson): Vocals, Guitar (2nd)

Bass Guitarists:-

Flip (Philip Dugdale): Bass Guitar, Vocals
Freddie Hotrock (Frederick Roberts): Bass Guitar (2nd)
Bonny Baz (Baz Warne): Bass Guitar (3rd)
Pete Zulu (Peter Robson): Bass Guitar (4th)
Ernie (Ernest Algar): Bass Guitar (5th)
Dean James (Dean Robson): (6th)
K'Cee (


17 Tracks
1 Nellie The Elephant3:27
2 Blue Suede Shoes2:17
3 Wipe Out2:05
4 Rupert The Bear1:42
5 Sabre Dance2:40
6 No Particular Place To Go2:23
7 Kids In Tyne & Wear3:16
8 Toccata In Dm2:38
9 Please Release Me3:55
10 Lazy Sunday Afternoon2:34
11 Any Dream Will Do2:49
12 I'm Gonna Be 500 Miles2:59
13 Bachelor Boy3:40
14 The Devil Went Down To Georgia3:26
15 Livin La Vida Loca2:35
16 Eine Kleine Nacht Muzik3:07
17 We're 21 Today0:17

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