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[The Future] – ‘Old Souls Part II’ (2015-2018)


Stream the mix while you read; download at the bottom of this post.

Old Souls Part II‘ continues the first volume’s (and the year-end 2018 mix, ‘The Fires) celebration of young musicians (and a few older ones) who are making the best music today and shaping the music of the future.  ‘Part II‘ brings Hip-hop to the fore, but continues to focus on music that can’t be contained by genre, drawing too on Jazz, R&B, electronic music, and beyond.  ‘Part II‘ again showcases the voices of young persons of color during a time that feels both immensely dangerous, with the resurgence of white supremacy under a racist president, and promising, with unbowed young people responding to the threat without fear and demanding intersectional equality and equity.  Some of this music directly addresses the broader dangers and promise of the era; some looks inward.  All of it refuses to simplify the personal, political, emotional, and intellectual complexity of the artist–nor the complexity and beauty and joy and integrity of art.

Download/stream below the tracklist. As with ‘Old Souls,’ this music is made by working artists who all deserve your support. So please, please, buy the music and merch, go to shows, and propagate the art to everyone who needs to hear it.  I’ve included links to the artists’ Bandcamp pages (where available) in the tracklist below.  As 2018 comes to a close, I know personally I owe a whole lot of the hope I can maintain to the work of these and other artists making music right now.  I hope their work refuels you as it has me, and let’s all hope and work for better days ahead.  Thank you for listening.

Various – ‘Old Souls Part II’
01 [00:00] A Tribe Called Quest – “We The People…” (‘We Got It From Here’, 2016)
02 [02:50] Pete Sayke – “BlueBloodGangLand” (‘Heaven Can Wait’, 2017)
03 [04:50] Roy Kinsey – “Jungle Book” (‘Blackie’, 2018)
04 [08:40] Baco Exu do Blues – “Bluesman” (‘Bluesman’, 2018)
05 [11:15] FR333 – “Contagious Spirit” (‘Contagious Spirit’ single, 2018)
06 [15:10] Hprizm – “Resusitate” (‘Magnetic Memory’, 2018)
07 [17:35] Noname – “Prayer Song” (‘Room 25’, 2018)
08 [21:35] Kamaal Williams – “Rhythm Commission” (‘The Return’, 2018)
09 [24:00] Smino & Ravyn Lenae – “Mf Groove” (‘Noir’, 2018)
10 [28:10] Marlowe (Solemn Brigham & L’Orange) – “Palm Readers” (‘Marlowe’, 2018)
11 [30:50] Oddisee – “Counter-Clockwise” (‘The Good Fight’, 2015)
12 [34:40] Kiefer – “Socially Awkward” (‘Happysad’, 2018)
13 [37:00] Erykah Badu & Andre Benjamin – “Hello” (‘But You Caint Use My Phone’, 2015)
14 [42:05] Stik Figa & Bonzo Madrid – “Oldtown 96” (‘Central Standard Time’, 2017)
15 [45:10] Open Mike Eagle – “Daydreaming In the Projects” (‘Brick Body Kids Still Daydream’, 2017)
16 [48:20] Saba – “Calligraphy” (‘Care For Me’, 2018)
17 [51:25] Ambrose Akinmusire & Kool A.D. – “Spectra” (‘Origami Harvest’, 2018)
18 [56:10] Tierra Whack – “Waze” (‘Whack World’, 2018)
19 [57:10] Mick Jenkins – “Ghost” (‘Pieces Of a Man’, 2018)
20 [60:45] Neneh Cherry – “Faster Than the Truth” (‘Broken Politics’, 2018)
21 [64:25] Lando Chill – “The King of Salem” (‘The Boy Who Spoke To the Wind’, 2017)
[Total Time: 1:09:10]

Download ‘Old Souls Part II’ Here (162MB)

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