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Download The Jam – The Jam At The BBC (2020) CD Megaupload

Information about this music album download:

Band Name: The Jam

Music Album: The Jam At The BBC

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock New Wave Mod

Record Label: Universal

Album Release Country: Europe

Music Record Type: 56 Tracks CD

Formed in Woking, England in 1976, The Jam consisted of three Members - Paul Weller (Lead Guitar, Vocals,) Rick Buckler (Drums & Percussion) and Bruce Foxton (Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals). Foxton, joined in 1977, leaving local Rock band 'Zita'. As time went on and the style of the Jam’s music progressed into the 1980s, additional musicians were recruited for brass sections, percussion and backing vocals; in the case of the latter, a young female vocalist from Telford called Tracie Young (who subsequently had her own top 10 UK hit in 1983 as a solo artist with the pop song "The House That Jack Built") also appeared on the group's last three singles and was an original member of Weller’s next group; The Style Council.

By his own admission (in The Jam’s official 1983 Biography 'A Beat Concerto', written by Paolo Hewitt) Weller was influenced into forming The Jam after going to a concert of London Punk band The Clash. The name of the group came from Weller’s sister who suggested the title at breakfast one day. The first Album ‘In The City’ (1977) reflected the period of New Wave Punk that was happening in London at that time. Other songs on the album, which reflected Weller’s Punk influences, are the fran (...)

56 Tracks
Peel Session: Recorded 26.4.1977: Transmitted 2.5.1977
1-1 In The City2:19
1-2 Art School1:59
1-3 I’ve Changed My Address3:29
1-4 Modern World2:41
Peel Session: Recorded 19.7.1977: Transmitted 25.7.1977
1-5 All Around The World2:19
1-6 London Girl2:38
1-7 Bricks & Mortar1:37
1-8 Carnaby Street2:27
"In Concert" 1.6.1978, Paris Theatre, Regent Street.
1-9 Billy Hunt3:41
1-10 In The Street Today1:40
1-11 The Combine2:40
1-12 Sounds From The Street2:58
1-13 Don’t Tell ‘em You’re Sane3:23
1-14 Modern World2:40
1-15 "A" Bomb In Wardour Street2:58
1-16 News Of The World3:39
1-17 Here Come The Weekend3:35
1-18 All Around The World3:05
Peel Session: Recorded 29.10.1979: Transmitted 5.11.1979
2-1 Thick As Thieves3:51
2-2 Eton Rifles3:44
2-3 Saturday’s Kids2:53
2-4 When You’re Young3:18
Studio B15 Live: 25.10.1981
2-5 Absolute Beginners3:01
2-6 Tales From The Riverbank/Interview3:22
2-7 Funeral Pyre/Interview4:06
2-8 Sweet Soul Music2:04
"In Concert" 19.12.1981, Hippodrome, Golders Green
2-9 The Gift3:32
2-10 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight4:04
2-11 Ghosts2:26
2-12 Absolute Beginners3:02
2-13 Tales From The Riverbank3:21
2-14 Precious3:44
2-15 A Town Called Malice3:18
2-16 In The Crowd3:14
2-17 Circus2:33
2-18 Pretty Green3:30
2-19 Start!2:34
2-20 Boy About Town2:43
"In Concert" 4.12.1979, Rainbow Theatre, London
3-1 Girl On The Phone3:06
3-2 To Be Someone2:22
3-3 It’s Too Bad2:57
3-4 Burning Sky3:18
3-5 Away From The Numbers3:36
3-6 Smithers-Jones2:55
3-7 Modern World2:43
3-8 Mr Clean3:43
3-9 The Butterfly Collector3:03
3-10 Private Hell3:49
3-11 Thick As Thieves3:29
3-12 When You’re Young3:20
3-13 Strange Town3:33
3-14 Eton Rifles3:45
3-15 Down In The Tube Station At Midnight4:45
3-16 Saturday’s Kids2:52
3-17 All Mod Cons1:17
3-18 David Watts4:35

Remastered at Universal London.

℗&©2002 Polydor Ltd (UK). Made in the EU.

Limited edition 3CD set celebrating

the 25th anniversary of their first single and first John Peel session.

In a cardboard slipcase

File download is hosted on Megaupload

Rated 4.5/5 based on 278 customer reviews

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