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Band Name: The Skulls (3)

Music Album: Night Of The Living Skulls

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Record Label: Finger Records (2)

Album Release Country: United States

Music Record Type: 21 Tracks CD Album DVD

American Punk band from Los Angeles, California formed in late 1976. The original line up, disbanded in October 1977 included Mick "Sten Gun" Wallace (vocals), Danny Death (guitar), Framin' J (bass) and Victor Bissetti (drums).
A 2nd line up of The Skulls consisted of Billy Bones (Steve Fortuna) on vocals, Marc Moreland on guitar, Bruce Moreland or Chas T. Gray on bass and the original member Michael "Sten Gunn" Wallace on drums.

The only recordings of this period are present on:
- What Records? ‎EP (1978)
- 'Various - What Is It.' (1982)
- 'Various - Live From The Masque 1978, Volume One' (1994)

In 2000 Billy Bones reform The Skulls.

21 Tracks
CD-1 Aye Aye Aye2:34
CD-2 Models2:14
CD-3 Summer Of Hate1:49
CD-4 Held Against Your Will2:26
CD-5 Can Punk Rock Pay The Bills2:54
CD-6 Rattle Your Bones2:17
CD-7 Incomplete Suicide3:15
CD-8 Babies1:46
CD-9 Monet3:42
CD-10 I Don't Care3:01
CD-11 On Target3:07
CD-12 You Can't Drag Me Down2:23
CD-13 Kill Me Kill Me Kill1:37
CD-14 Victims2:36
CD-15 I Walk The Line3:00
CD-16 Let's Get Rid Of New York3:34
DVD-1 The Skulls Live From The El Rey, Los Angeles December 5, 2003
DVD-2 The Skulls Celebrate The Milk Man's 9th Birthday Bash, 2004
DVD-3 Victims
DVD-4 You Can't Drag Me Down
DVD-5 Interviews

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