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Blink-182 – Greatest Hits (2020) CD DVD

Band: Blink-182

Album: Greatest Hits

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Geffen Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 26 Tracks CD DVD

blink-182 (official capitalization) is a Southern California pop punk band. Originally named Blink until the Irish pop band of the same name threatened with legal action unless they changed their name. Thus the addition of the "-182" in mid-1995.

Broke up in February of 2005 but reformed once more in February 2009.

In 1998, Travis Barker replaced founding member Scott Raynor on drums.
In 2016, Matt Skiba replaced founding member Tom Delonge on guitar and vocals.

26 Tracks
CD-1 Carousel3:11
CD-2 M+M's2:35
CD-3 Dammit2:46
CD-4 Josie3:05
CD-5 What's My Age Again?2:29
CD-6 All The Small Things2:51
CD-7 Adam's Song4:07
CD-8 Man Overboard2:46
CD-9 The Rock Show2:51
CD-10 First Date2:51
CD-11 Stay Together For The Kids3:52
CD-12 Feeling This2:53
CD-13 I Miss You3:47
CD-14 Down3:13
CD-15 Always4:17
CD-16 Not Now4:23
CD-17 Another Girl Another Planet2:41
CD-18 I Won't Be Home For Christmas
CD-19 Go (BBC Radio 1 Session)
DVD-1 What's My Age Again (Live In Chicago - 2001)
DVD-2 Antheum Part II (Live In Chicago - 2001)
DVD-3 Carousel (Live In Chicago - 2001)
DVD-4 Feeling This (Making Of The Video)
DVD-5 I Miss You (Making Of The Video)
DVD-6 Down (Recording Of The Blink-182 Album And Down Video)
DVD-7 Album Trailer

Tracks CD-18 and CD-19 are UK Bonus Tracks.

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