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The Vindictives – Leave Home (1994) Vinyl Album LP

Band: The Vindictives

Album: Leave Home

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Pop

Label: Selfless Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 16 Tracks Vinyl Album LP

The Vindictives are a punk rock band from Chicago led by vocalist Joey Vindictive and bassist Johnny Personality. They have existed off and on since 1990. Ben Weasel was the band's original rhythm guitarist.

Between 1991 and 1994, the Vindictives were extremely active in the studio, recording material that would appear on nine 7" EPs, a 5" single of Sex Pistols covers, a double 10" of cover songs, an entire cover of the Ramones' "Leave Home" LP, and various compilation tracks, all released between 1991 and 1995. The first 6 EPs, which were released on the band's own V. M. L. Records, were remixed (with guitar and backing vocal contributions from Ben Weasel replaced by Billy Blastoff, who became the band's permanent guitarist in late 1992), and, along with several compilation tracks, were compiled on the "The Many Moods Of The Vindictives" compilation on Lookout! Records. The band began working on their first full-length collection of original material (entitled "Rat-A-Tat") in 1993, but this was interrupted when Joey got into a car accident and further complicated by Dr. Bob's substance abuse pr (...)

16 Tracks
A1 Pinhead1:54
A2 California Sun2:06
A3 Carbona Not Glue1:22
A4 You Should Never Have Opened That Door1:33
A5 I Remember You1:20
A6 What's Your Game2:40
A7 Suzy Is A Headbanger1:50
A8 He's Gonna Kill That Girl3:59
B1 Commando2:52
B2 Glad To See You Go1:39
B3 I Love Her So1:32
B4 Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment1:05
B5 Now I Wanna Be A Good Boy1:35
B6 Babysitter2:49
B7 Sheena Is A Punk Rocker1:34
B8 Swallow My Pride4:14

Complete cover of The Ramones "Leave Home" LP (1977) on black vinyl.

Produced, engineered and mixed [...] at Flat Iron Recording Studio, 1648 W. Kinzie Ave., Chicago, IL. [...] Recorded March 13, 1994.

Pressing Info:
1400 pressed on black vinyl/stock cover.
300 pressed on white vinyl/stock cover white vinyl/stock cover.
300 additional pressed as a tour pressing on transparent gold vinyl with a silkscreened felt cover.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 193 customer reviews

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