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Band Name: Thee Headcoats

Music Album: Elementary Headcoats: Thee Singles 1990-1999

Album Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Garage Rock

Record Label: Damaged Goods

Album Release Country: United Kingdom

Music Record Type: 50 Tracks CD

Thee Headcoats were a band formed in Chatham, Kent, England in 1989.

50 Tracks
1-1 Troubled Times2:24
1-2 The Earl Of Suave1:57
1-3 Headcoats On3:08
1-4 Be A Sect Maniac2:11
1-5 (I Don't Like) The Man I Am2:02
1-6 She's Got A Strange Attractor4:27
1-7 Shouldn't Happen To A Dog2:07
1-8 Neither Fish Nor Fowl2:37
1-9 Girl From '621:46
1-10 Someone Like Me2:11
1-11 Something Went Wrong Again2:33
1-12 My Dear Watson3:03
1-13 Hog's Jaw2:48
1-14 I Can Destroy All Your Love2:08
1-15 Fat Back2:24
1-16 Louie Riel2:51
1-17 Don't Try & Tell Me2:31
1-18 Pædophile3:05
1-19 Headcoat Lane3:10
1-20 Comanche1:41
1-21 Every Bit Of Me2:29
1-22 Never To Love Again1:57
1-23 (We Hate The Fuckin') NME3:34
1-24 Help3:23
1-25 Thoughts Of A Hangman2:35
1-26 Now Is Not The Best Time2:20
2-27 Every Little Thing1:30
2-28 Tub's Twist2:41
2-29 Sad Sack2:20
2-30 Action Time Vision2:43
2-31 I'm A Confused Man1:45
2-32 Now Your Hunger's Gonna Be A-Coming2:01
2-33 Louie Louie3:03
2-34 Louie Louie (Where Did She Roam)2:54
2-35 When You Stop Loving Me3:13
2-36 Papa Doc2:39
2-37 No One2:41
2-38 The Gun In My Father's Hand3:03
2-39 The Day I Beat My Father Up2:08
2-40 A-Z Of Your Heart3:20
2-41 Shadow2:49
2-42 No Escape2:30
2-43 Thief3:06
2-44 She's In Disguise2:15
2-45 The Messerschmitt Pilot's Severed Hand2:35
2-46 I've Been Fuckin' Your Daughters And Pissing On Your Lawns1:40
2-47 Organic Footprints1:31
2-48 Clarabella1:56
2-49 I'm Hurting2:13
2-50 Art Or Arse?1:22

Ⓟ 2000 Damaged Goods
© 2000 Thee Headcoats

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