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NOFX – 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren’t Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records (2020) CD

Band: NOFX

Album: 45 Or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Fat Wreck Chords

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 47 Tracks CD

Los Angeles, California based punk rock band founded in 1983.

What does NOFX stand for?
"NOFX doesn't stand for shit. We just kinda ripped off the name from an old Boston band Negative FX."

47 Tracks
Counting Sheep
1-1 Pimps And Hookers2:13
1-2 All Of Me2:05
1-3 We Threw Gasoline On The Fire And Now We Have Stumps For Arms And No Eyebrows2:44
1-4 Drugs Are Good2:18
1-5 Lower2:47
1-6 Forming0:50
1-7 Electricity2:06
1-8 Lazy3:02
1-9 The Plan2:59
1-10 Timmy The Turtle1:39
1-11 Punk Song0:47
1-12 See Her Pee0:30
1-13 Zyclone B Bathouse1:37
1-14 Last Caress1:31
1-15 Bath Of Least Resistance1:47
1-16 We Aint Shit3:05
1-17 San Francisco Fat2:44
1-18 Vincent3:21
1-19 Pump Up The Valium1:46
1-20 Pods And Gods2:57
1-21 Eat The Meek (Dub Mix)3:33
1-22 Thalidomide Child1:40
Catching ZZZ'S
2-1 Fun Things To Fuck (If You're A Winner)1:05
2-2 Juice Head0:20
2-3 Three On Speed1:20
2-4 New Happy Birthday Song?0:44
2-5 Talking Bout Yo Mama0:32
2-6 Party Enema1:30
2-7 Can't Get The Stink Out1:07
2-8 Go To Work Wasted1:01
2-9 Fuck The Kids (Revisited)0:33
2-10 Whoa On The Whoas0:42
2-11 Puke On Cops0:59
2-12 I Gotta Pee0:32
2-13 Totally Fucked2:10
2-14 Fuck The Kids0:07
2-15 Fuck The Kids II0:05
2-16 I'm Telling Tim1:06
2-17 Reagan Sucks1:24
2-18 Posuer0:31
2-19 My Name's Bud0:54
2-20 Two On Glue1:09
2-21 Please Stop Fucking My Mom0:55
2-22 Murder The Government0:42
2-23 Stranger Than Fishin0:52
2-24 Eric Melvin Vs. PCP0:36
2-25 Always Hate Hippies0:55

Mostly recorded @ Motor Studios, mastered @ Oceanview

Counting Sheep is a collection of rare tracks, B-Sides and previously unavailable tracks.

1-22 is a hidden track.

Catching ZZZ'S is a collection of songs from the 'Fuck The Kids' 7" minus the track 'Stupid Canadians', and the 'Surfer' 7", minus the track '3 Shits to the Wind'.

Note: In the following, the year in parenthesis is the year it was recorded, not necessarily the year it was released

Track 1-1 previously unreleased (2002)

Track 1-2 originally released on All Of Me 7" (1996)

Track 1-3 originally released on Punk-O-Rama 3 (1997)

Track 1-4 and 1-16 originally released on HOFX 12" (1994)

Track 1-5 originally released on Bottles To The Ground (1999)

Track 1-6 originally released on A Small Circle Of Friends (1996)

Track 1-7 originally released on Before You Were Punk 2 (1999)

Track 1-8 originally released on Happy Meals, Volume 2 (1997)

Tracks 1-9 and 1-10 originally released on Timmy The Turtle 7" (1998)

Track 1-11 originally released on The PMRC Can Suck On This 7" (1987)

Track 1-12 originally released on Short Music For Short People (1999)

Track 1-13 originally released on Fat Club 7" (1999)

Track 1-14 originally released on Violent World (1996)

Track 1-15 originally released on Punk-O-Rama 6 (2000)

Track 1-17 originally released on Live Fat, Die Young (2000)

Track 1-18 originally released on Survival Of The Fattest (1996)

Track 1-19 originally released on Punk-O-Rama Vol. 5 (2000)

Track 1-20 originally released on Pods And Gods 7" (2000)

Track 1-21 originally released on Wankin' In The Pit (1998)

Track 1-22 originally released on the band's first demo (1984)

Tracks 2-1 to 2-13 originally released on Surfer 7" (2001)

Tracks 2-14 to 2-25 originally released on Fuck The Kids 7" (1996)

Some titles have been changed from their original releases. Track 1-8's original title was 'Lazy Train', Track 1-19 was 'Pump Up The Valuum', and 1-21 was 'Eat The Meek (Rude Boy Mix)'.

c&p 2002

Rated 4.5/5 based on 246 customer reviews

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