Time To Think – Be Yourself (2020) Cassette

Band: Time To Think

Album: Be Yourself

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock Hardcore Avantgarde

Label: Thinking Time Records

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 25 Tracks Cassette

Peter Williams and Andy Martin of The Apostles.


25 Tracks
A01 Antoher Kill2:18
A02 Philosophy3:07
A03 Fare Fan For The Common Man3:57
A04 Speechless0:09
A05 Drumology2:11
A06 Questionnaire2:26
A07 3 Islands1:06
A08 Mason1:30
A09 Goggleboxhead1:13
A10 Cowards!1:04
A11 Sean Was Here1:44
A12 Heaven Street2:42
A13 Holy Water3:54
B01 The Truth About Crammond Island2:49
B02 Gay Plague1:09
B03 Male, Macho & Proud2:45
B04 Anarcommunazi March4:47
B05 Hagakure (Parts 1 & 2)4:43
B06 Hymn2:26
B07 Holocaust2:06
B08 Blipvert0:08
B09 c(Δλ/λ)1:30
B10 The Death Of Muz's Cassette Machine1:31
B11 New Order3:21
B12 A Bunch Of Cults1:18

Comes with info/lyric sheet

A12 & A13 are originally by Death In June

B07 originally by Crisis - rearranged by Andy Martin

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