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X-Ray Spex – The Anthology (2020) CD

Band: X-Ray Spex

Album: The Anthology

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Castle Music

Release Country: United Kingdom

Record Type: 37 Tracks CD

UK punk band formed in 1976. After singer Poly Styrene left in 1979 to pursue other interests the band auditioned for a new singer and changed their name to Classix Nouveaux.

Band was re-formed in 1991 for a short while but had a rather indifferent reception, but then re-formed again in 1995 and has played live every now and then since.

Mari Elliott (Poly Styrene) died of cancer at the age of 53 in 2011.
The estate of the late Poly Styrene is managed by her daughter, Celeste Bell together with I.E Music.

For all queries relating to the Poly Styrene estate (X-Ray Spex/Poly Styrene Rights, Licensing, Merchandise etc) please contact [email protected]

37 Tracks
1-01 Oh Bondage! Up Yours!2:51
1-02 I Am A Cliche1:56
1-03 The Day The World Turned Day-Glo2:54
1-04 I Am A Poseur2:34
1-05 Identity2:26
1-06 Lets Submerge3:27
1-07 Germ Free Adolescents3:14
1-08 Age2:39
1-09 Obsessed With You2:31
1-10 Genetic Engineering2:49
1-11 I Live Off You2:09
1-12 Art-I-Ficial3:25
1-13 I Can't Do Anything2:58
1-14 Plastic Bag4:55
1-15 Highly Inflammable2:35
1-16 Warrior In Woolworth3:07
1-17 Prefabricated Icon (Rough Mix)3:34
1-18 I Can't Do Anything (Instrumental)3:03
1-19 Warrior In Woolworth (Instrumental)3:09
1-20 Genetic Engineering (Rough Mix)2:49
1-21 Art-I-Ficial (Rough Mix)3:20
1-22 I Live Off You (Rough Mix)2:10
1-23 Obsessed With You (Rough MIx)2:36
1-24 Lets Submerge (Rough Mix)3:29
1-25 Identity (Rough Mix)2:25
1-26 The Day The World Turned Day-Glo (Rough Mix)2:48
Live At The Roxy
2-01 Oh Bondage! Up Yours! (Live)2:43
2-02 Identity (Live)2:25
2-03 Lets Submerge (Live)3:05
2-04 Plastic Bag (Live)4:12
2-05 I Live Off You (Live)2:19
2-06 I Am A Cliche (Live)1:48
2-07 I Can't Do Anything (Live)3:00
2-08 Oh Bondage! Up Yours! (Live)3:05
1995 Recordings
2-09 Cigarettes2:54
2-10 Junk Food Junkie3:27
2-11 Peace Meal2:31

Tracks 1-01 and 1-02 are taken from the single "Oh Bondage! Up Yours!", tracks 1-03 to 1-07, 1-09 to 1-14, and 1-16 are from the album "Germ Free Adolescents", track 1-08 is from the single "Germ Free Adolescents", track 1-15 is from the single "Highly Inflammable", and tracks 1-17 to 1-26 are bonus demo tracks. Design @ SRG. Mastered @ Masterpiece.

℗ 2001 The copyright in this compilation is owned by Sanctuary Records Group Ltd. © 2001 Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.

Made In England

Cover artwork is taken from the album 'Germ Free Adolescents' hence the appearance of the album title on the cover. However, the actual release title for this compilation is 'The Anthology'.

Early copies features an outer card slip case.

Rated 4.5/5 based on 323 customer reviews

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