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2018-05-13 ALBUM REVIEW – THE DOGS FROM THE GRAPES – "In the Name of Captain Ludd" (2018)

The Dogs from the Grapes “In the Name of Captain Ludd” On Airish
Released date: April 6, 2018
Running time. 29:11, 10 tracks

The Dogs from The Grapes have released their sophomore album “In the Name of Captain Ludd”. The band issued their debut album “Sailor without Sea” in September 2015 and they were our Band of the Month in October 2015. On this new offering, The Dogs from the Grapes keep on exploring their own blend of punk and folk based on flute, accordion and banjo. It’s not easy to pigeonhole the band’s sound, but I daresay that it shares some points with other Italian bands like Lennon Kelly or Strawdaze. I mean, they are not your average Celtic punk band, since influences from Italian folk music can be noticed on their sound.

The album kicks off with “The Ballad of Captain Ludd”, a song with a “Mediterranean” accordion, flute and some trumpet at the end. “Wind Never Lies” is one of the standout tracks with upbeat tin whistle, some woahs and some banjo too. Cut no. 3, “A Fuckin’ Day” is the longest track on the album. Accordion and cow punk sounding guitar open before the flute joins. then, accordion and flute becvome the lead instruments on this number.

There are two traditional numbers, “Sitor Sailor” and “My Bonnie”. The former is played with an awesome tin whistle arrangement, while the later gets the Celtic punk treatment. Between those tracks, a couple of folk punk songs with electric guitar are delivered, “Human Extinction” and “The Manoeuvrer”.

Roadsigns” starts the countdown to the end of the album, and is followed by my fave songs, “The Unchained Lady” and “Procambarus”.

In the Name of Captain Ludd” has been released by Italian label On Airish (The Clan’s label) and can be found on the main digital platforms (Spotify, Deezer…). Digital copies can be purchased from Amazon too.

Track listing:

01 – The Ballad of Captain Ludd 03:06
02 – Wind Never Lies 02:12
03 – A Fuckin’ Day 04:00
04 – Sitorsailor 02:43
05 – Human Extinction 03:06
06 – The Manoeuvrer 03:21
07 – My Bonnie 01:38
08 – Roadsigns (Read It on the Wall) 03:03
09 – The Unchained Lady 03:06
10 – Procambarus 02:33


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