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In for a Penny “Every Day Should be Saint Paddy’s Day”
Release date: July 3, 2016
Runnning time: 15:56, 5 tracks

In for a Penny are back with a bunch of ballads and drinking songs. Last year we loved the band’s 9 track debut album. They followed apparently a simple approach, but the final result was amazing. This time they have chosen a couple of standards and three self-penned songs and they have delivered a fine EP.Little by little, Sean and his bandmates are stretching the boundaries of their own musical territory. A bassist have been added to the band (Bryce McNally) and they have hired a couple of friends who have played violin (Ricardo Ochoa from Velvet Caravan) and tin whistle (Daniel O’Connell from the Savannah Ceili Band).

The EP kicks off with “The Rare Old Mountain Dew“. This number was recorded by The Dubliners and The Pogues for The Dubliners(25 Years) Celebration” in 1987 and it has been covered by a lot of bands. Although normally I’m not interested in overexposed standards, I must admit that In for a Penny do a great job thanks to the American folk arrangements.

The following track is called “Stumblin’ Home”, a number showcasing the band’s skills to write kick-ass XXIst century ballads. Even if you don’t want it, you’ll be singing along the infectious chorus “1, 2, 3 shots of whiskey …”. Ricardo guests on fiddle.

Track no 3 is the title track. Celkilt told us that “Everyday’s St. Patrick’s Day” and In for a Penny agree with them: “Every Day Should Be St. Paddy’s Day”. Daniel guests on tin whistle in this outstanding number.

The next song is my fave: the mandolin driven number “Whiskey in Heaven”. Mr. Irish Bastard told last year that they hope that they sell beer in hell and now In for a Penny hope that there’s whiskey in heaven: “Woah, I’m not ready to go / I’m having too much fun, I’m having too much fun / Woah when it’s my time to go /I hope there’s whiskey in heaven”. Sean lost his father on Thanksgiving last year. The last time he heard In for a Penny play, they introduced this prophetic new song. Therefore, the song is dedicated to Sean’s pop Jim McNally.

The EP is over with “The Parting Glass”, the song that used to be played at the end of The Clancy Brothers’ concerts. Brilliant rendition by Sean on mandolin.
Every Day Should Be St. Paddy’s Day” has been engineered and mixed by Shane Baldwin of VooDoo Soup at Elevated Basement Studios and digital copies are available at Bandcamp.

In for a Penny know the path they want to follow and they are going straight to their goal. Not only is the EP catchy, but they have chosen the best possible running order, starting with a standard, placing their own numbers in the middle and closing with the perfect farewell song.


1 – The Rare Old Mountain Dew 2:31
2 – Stumblin’ Home 2:55
3 – Every Day Should Be Saint Paddy’s Day 3:24
4 – Whiskey in Heaven 3:07
5 – The Parting Glass 3:49


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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