Alkaline Trio – From Here To Infirmary (2020) CD Album

Band: Alkaline Trio

Album: From Here To Infirmary

Release Date:

Music Genre: Punk Rock

Label: Vagrant Records

Release Country: United States

Record Type: 12 Tracks CD Album

Melodic punk band from the USA, formed by guitar/vocalist Matt Skiba in late 1996. The band released most of their early material on Asian Man Records before eventually signing to Vagrant Records. The original lineup consisted of Matt Skiba (ex. Jerkwater), Glenn Porter (ex. 88 Fingers Louie), & Rob Doran. In 1997, Dan Andriano (ex. Slapstick) replaced Rob Doran on bass. Later, in early 2000, Glenn Porter left the band and was replaced by Mike Felumlee (ex. Smoking Popes) on drums. Mike Felumlee was replaced by Derek Grant in 2003.

12 Tracks
1 Private Eye3:30
2 Mr. Chainsaw3:05
3 Take Lots With Alcohol3:13
4 Stupid Kid2:23
5 Another Innocent Girl3:37
6 Steamer Trunk2:50
7 You're Dead3:50
8 Armageddon2:49
9 I'm Dying Tomorrow2:18
10 Bloodied Up2:51
11 Trucks And Trains3:16
12 Crawl4:25

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